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At Somerville, we develop products and solutions that meet our customer needs. The deployment of Standard Operating Environments (S.O.E) and pre-staged machine imaging eases the replacement and upgrade of fleets of machines, saving time and money for the IT department.  Benefits include:

  • Frees up your IT support staff for more important tasks
  • Reduces user issues with a quality assured and tested image
  • Fits with asset tagging, logistics and lifecycle solutions
  • Pre-staging of equipment, asset tagging, electrical lead tagging
  • Warranty management
  • Warranty Call Centre and in-house service department
  • Eases long term capacity planning through better trending
  • Professional account management

Our S.O.E. and imaging solutions are custom designed to each of our customers' specific applications to provide pre-staging and imaging of new servers, desktop computers, laptops or handhelds. Somerville's logistics centre is purpose built to cater for rollouts of just about any size whilst maintaining a personal and local level of service.

Our integration facilities eliminate the physical and space constraints of unpacking and staging large numbers of desktops, notebooks, servers or printers at a customer's premises, ensuring significantly reduced operational and management costs and maintaining a level of high reliability with uncompromised quality.

Somerville provides the flexibility to customise a formal procedure for all our customer's requirements, whilst maintaining a quality assured foundation to ensure repeatable quality outcomes are achieved.  In order to assist our customers with the deployment of new IT equipment and software, Somerville provides a complete configuration and customisation service to ensure that where possible, each item of equipment is delivered ready to connect and use. Somerville can assemble, configure and test desktops, servers, printers, networking equipment and other hardware to specific project or customer specifications. This includes the addition of accessories and acceptance testing/burn-in to any level if required.  We can disable certain machine/OS functions, or remove standard items to assist customers with maintaining a secure 'locked-down' IT environment. We can assist in developing and maintaining one or more Standard Operating Environments (SOE) for loading on all new desktops and servers prior to delivery. We can also simply load customer supplied and tested SOE images prior to delivery.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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