IT Product Lifecycle

The management of IT assets and their lifecycle constitute a significant cost to business today. Our solutions are aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership of your IT assets through structured management programs.

Our IT asset procurement and management service provides a term of life IT product management solution to ensure that you maintain the lowest cost of ownership of your IT Assets. This lifecycle management program covers the entire management process of your IT Infrastructure from concept to retirement. Somerville offers a solution that commences at product planning and budgeting, and includes the following tasks and services:

  • Product Evaluation - Pre-sales specification and product evaluation service.
  • Contractual price planning - Ensuring the customer gains access to the highest discount levels available.
  • Asset Tagging - Applying and documenting physical asset tags (including RFID). We offer customised asset labels on a variety of materials.
  • Imaging - Application of SOE images during the procurement process.
  • Asset Tracking - Asset tracking is an important value added service that Somerville can offer, which reduces management and ownership costs over the life of the product. This service is offered for all new purchases made following the commencement of our formal engagement, however, may also be extended to existing assets by arrangement.
  • Logistics and bundling - Building custom product bundles for specific sites/branches.
  • Warranty Management - Electronic warranty claim across various vendor products.
  • End of Life product management - Including trade-in, buy-back or green options like recycling.

The other key benefit of the Lifecycle services program is the budget management that assists our customers in effectively building forecasts and budget planning in advance to ensure a structured cost effective technology upgrade program is maintained.  Coupled with our on-line portal and a number of our other specific IT procurement solutions, Somerville can reduce your IT management costs significantly.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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