Data Protection

Somerville Data Protection uses strong encryption and a centralised monitoring system to guard your organisations critical assets. A single, centralised McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) console implements and enforces mandatory, company-wide security policies that control how data is encrypted, monitored, and protected from loss. Monitor and regulate how your employees use and transfer data via common channels, such as email, IM, printing, and USB drives - both in and away from the office.

Somerville Data Protection allows you to prevent unauthorised system access and renders sensitive data unreadable in the event of device loss or theft by implementing full-disk encryption and access control on all endpoint devices.

Somerville Data Protection also extends data protection beyond the organisation. Protect data sent via email, the web, and removable hard drives. Encrypted files can only be accessed by authorised users and the RM protection travels with the document, regardless of the device used to access the file. Collaborate with third parties without worrying about data breaches. Dynamic and effective policy management ensures that company information sent to stakeholders, customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, and potential new business associates remains secure and doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Somerville Data Protection features include:

  • Control over your data
  • Protect devices with powerful encryption
  • Continual file and folder protection
  • Centralised and simplified security management
  • Proven compliance with advanced reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Protect sensitive data automatically
  • Share information with confidence
  • Safeguard data sent to third parties
  • Secure data throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Get instant support for hundreds of millions of users
  • Seamless file integration
  • Simplify centralised data security management and deployment

Somerville Data Protection offers a complete solution for protecting data and ensuring the data transferred complies with the organisation's standards, both within the organisation and beyond it.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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