Cloud Security

Somerville Cloud Security provides safe, efficient and secure protection for organisations while computing in the cloud. Take advantage of the increased scalability, flexibility, availability and the lower costs offered by the cloud, while carefully monitoring data to make sure it is protected.  Somerville Cloud Security doesn't adopt the unique, and sometimes unknown, security practices and policies of other cloud vendors. Rather, Somerville Cloud Security allows you to extend and apply your own access and security procedures, by securing your databases, and all of the data traffic moving between your enterprise and the cloud.

Reduce IT drag by combining data loss prevention, email, web, and identity security under a single, modular-based platform. Deploy in a variety of form-factors, including on-premise appliances, cloud, or a hybrid of both. Meet the requirements of compliance regulations with McAfee Database Activity Monitoring. Protect, identify, and classify all critical data while it moves between you and the cloud - email, web, and identity traffic.

Somerville Cloud Security benefits can include:

  • Protect sensitive database information
  • Compute in the cloud with more confidence
  • Secure all your critical data
  • Operate with more efficiency and flexibility

Somerville Cloud Security provides enterprises with protection, classification and compliance for all data in cloud computing, building a secure bridge to the cloud.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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