Web 2.0 Security Solutions

Somerville Web 2.0 Security Solutions provides web solutions that protect users and assets from malware entering the network as well as misuse of the Internet. Beyond simply allowing or denying access, Web 2.0 lets you control how web applications are used, enabling a safe, productive experience. By scanning a web page's active content, emulating and understanding its behaviour, and predicting its intent, Web 2.0?s security proactively guards attacks.

Combine local defences with cloud-based intelligence, including reputation-based technologies powered by McAfee Labs, for optimal, up-to-the moment protection and performance. Use Web 2.0 confidently within your organisation by leveraging strong inbound and outbound filtering of multiple web protocols, including deep inspection of encrypted traffic. Provide detailed control over how web applications are used and who is authorised to use them. Close the potential threats in your security barrier with fully integrated malware detection, SSL inspection, and certificate validation.

Somerville Web 2.0 Security Solutions benefits can include:
  • Get the industry's best protection
  • Use hybrid security to enhance protection
  • Enable productive use of Web 2.0
  • Stop data loss
  • Protect encrypted traffic
  • Leverage powerful reporting tools and customisable dashboards

Somerville Web 2.0 Security Solutions ensures safe, productive Web 2.0 access and controls how web applications are used.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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