Wireless LAN

Today's rapidly changing business environment, your customers, partners, and employees are demanding mobile solutions that help them connect more closely with while at the same time being fast, secure and reliable. Wireless technology and applications must seamlessly integrated into your organization's IT infrastructure.

Somerville's Wireless LAN Solutions enable your employees, customers, and partners to access mission-critical applications with any device from anywhere, anytime; securely, reliably, transparently. Organizations are demanding more diverse and numerous mobile devices that are application and video enabled for an increasing mobile workforce and need increased responsiveness to partners and customers. Somerville's Wireless LAN solutions empower businesses to meet and exceed these demands to move to the next generation of business mobility, transforming the way business is done by fostering broader collaboration and new levels of productivity. This is done by enabling wireless networks to support a variety of new mobility applications that extend across multiple networks and scale according to your business requirements.

Backed by our knowledge, experience and services Somerville can help you plan, build, and run a Wireless network that enables you to expand geographically, embrace new business models, and promote business innovation. Our services help you integrate devices and applications and implement strategies effectively to secure and lower the total cost of ownership of your businesses mobility requirements.

Good planning begins with a clear view of your current situation and your desired outcome. Assessment services help eliminate implementation surprises by helping you to anticipate and prepare for your transition to new technologies and business opportunities. By working with you to align your business and technical requirements, we help you to document your current environment, identify areas of risk and opportunities for improvement, and determine next steps.

Somerville Wireless LAN solutions include the following assessment, prepare, planning, design, implementation and optimization services for;

  • Mobility and 802.11n Readiness
  • Network and 802.11n Migration
  • IP Voice
  • Context-Aware
  • Security and Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Guest Access
  • Video and Video Surveillance
  • Outdoor Wireless

Our unique lifecycle approach to services defines the requisite activities at each phase of our services to ensure excellence and best results for you and your business.

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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