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Businesses of all sizes increasingly strive to improve external and internal communications in order to retain customers, compete, and grow their business globally.  With digital media, businesses can provide direct, relevant communications, and create richer and more satisfying experiences for staff, customers and end users - ultimately accelerating communications transformation across many aspects of the business.

Previously, deploying digital media has been complex and required multiple products, resulting in a high total cost of ownership and limited scalability whilst requiring content management, integration, content distribution, and tools that are difficult for most businesses to operate. This pointed to the need for an integrated offering that could handle the creation, management, and publishing of content to digital displays and the desktop, while also flexibly supporting standard formats for live and on-demand content publishing.

The Solution: Somerville's Digital Signage & Media Solution
Somerville's Digital Media Solution builds on the company's history and expertise in video and networking.  It allows organisations to use high-quality, dynamic digital media to easily connect customers, employees, partners, and students anywhere, anytime.  Our solution extends digital media to new, compelling applications for real-time and on-demand communications with flexible digital media creation, management, and publishing of content in various formats to multiple devices.  With Digital Signage & Media organisations across all industries can increase sales, enhance the customer experience and facilitate learning.

For example, businesses can:

  • Increase customer experience by providing marketing content, news and information
  • Accelerate product and services introductions and launches
  • Improve sales productivity through training communications
  • Enhance and extend the communications of their culture
  • Accelerate sales by targeted marketing and promotions at point-of-purchase
  • Reduce costs of traditional signage and poster based media
  • Extend the learning environment

Somerville's provides a comprehensive range of Digital Signage & Media solutions covering:

  • Digital Displays - Professional LCD screens, brackets and accessories
  • Media Players - Wired or Wireless network connectivity and touch screen support
  • Media Managers - Manage, schedule and publish content
  • Media Processing - Any-to-any media, transcoding, post production, editing, speech-to-text features
  • IPTV Applications - Deliver live and on-demand video and broadcast TV channels
  • Web & Video Application - Optimise global collaboration and share ideas

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or Email Somerville or Enquire Online.

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