Emerson Liebert CRV Cooling Efficiency

Optimise cooling efficiency with the Liebert CRV precision cooling system. Advanced controls and variable technologies allow you to synchronise row-based cooling units for enhanced performance.

Liebert CRV Features:

  • Digital Scroll Compressor - enables variable cooling capacity to precisely match the changing cooling demand
  • EC Fans - regulates the airflow and reduces the input power that results to up to 50% less power used
  • High Performance Air Filters - easily accessed through the back of the unit
  • Liebert iCOM Control - presents measurements and performance in an easy to understand graphical summary
  • 2T Rack Sensors - Up to 10 temperature sensors can be connected providing up to 20 temperature readings to ensure the proper amount of cold air is provided to the racks
  • Liebert Intellislot Communication Card - allows remote monitoring systems to access unit information via Modbus, Bacnet and SNMP

And there's much more for you to discover about the Liebert CRV!

Contact our Customer Services Team on 1300 209 233 or enquire below.

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