Flexible Working Solutions & Activity Based Workspaces

There’s a growing trend in the Australian workplace moving away from cold office cubicles towards more flexible work solutions - also known as Activity Based Workspaces. There are some major advantages to this collaborative and flexible work place model which allows staff to move around the office without having a fixed desk.

An Activity Based Workplace (ABW) is made up of a variety of spaces depending on the needs of the business including quiet areas for work requiring high levels of concentration, private areas for confidential work and spaces for both formal and informal meetings. A comprehensive design strategy needs to be implemented taking into account the organisations style of work, technology and strategic goals as part of an office move and/or fit-out.

Savings of up to a third on office accommodation costs is only one of the advantages of ABW. Many Activity Based Workplaces are designed on a ratio of 4 workstations for every 5 employees. Collaboration capabilities are improved, allowing teams to easily join other teams or take advantage of virtual workspaces from any device. Studies have shown that productivity levels increase due to less likelihood of stagnation from staring at the same screen all day. An increase in employee satisfaction and retention has also been reported from organisations using this model.

Somerville supports organisations in their move to an Activity Based Workspace with the integration of the appropriate technology to allow workers to move freely around the office and access the required information. We work closely with architects and technology vendors to ensure the appropriate outcome for your organisation.

The technologies enabling ABW include:

  • Wireless LAN supporting BYOD devices.
  • Video-conferencing capabilities and personal ‘MOVI’ cameras enabling every meeting or phone conference to be held over video, reducing the need for travel and improving communication.
  • Secure access and storage to prevent data or privacy issues.

To discover how your organisation can benefit from ABW contact Somerville for a comprehensive analysis of your work place needs.

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