Kincoppal - Rose Bay Case Study

Kincoppal - Rose Bay School ensures education and business continuity with HP disaster recovery solution.


  • Provide a seamless education experience to students and teachers
  • Make rich media content (video, audio, data) seamlessly available in classrooms and boarding school
  • Implement a fast and dependable storage, back-up and Disaster Recovery solution


  • The school's storage infrastructure was ageing and filling to capacity - could only store up to 1 terabyte (TB) of data
  • A single server room did not allow for a secondary disaster recover (DR) location, and contained several single points of failure
  • Lack of scalability in existing server and storage environment

Solution Approach:

  • HP and partner Somerville Group helped to demonstrate value of the HP solution over several other vendor offers
  • Implemented a new HP Blade server and HP storage SAN, with a second DR location, providing redundancy and no single points of failure
  • Virtualised the server environment
  • HP desktops, laptops, and HP Financial Services also engaged as part of the total solution


  • A secure Disaster Recover site is now in place with the need met for education and business continuity
  • ROI delivered through decreased costs of deployment for further server and storage capacity
  • Teachers and students have faster and uninterrupted access to rich media technologies for a dynamic learning experience

Kincoppal-Rose Bay School Environment

Like many well managed, popular and contemporary schools, Kincoppal-Rose Bay provides an education experience for students and parents that incorporates the use of new technologies.

Students and teachers need to have access to rich media content and technologies such as video editing tools, MP3 audio and data both in the classroom, and for boarders, in the boarding school bedrooms where they reside.

In this modern and ultra-connected environment, the need for a seamless education experience is paramount. The appropriate connectivity, speed, equipment performance and storage are all expected to "just work". And because the education experience is time critical, students and teachers especially require this experience to work whenever they need it to.

Business Issue

Kincoppal-Rose Bay's ability to provide a seamless education experience to students and teachers was becoming compromised due to two overriding factors: storage requirements and a need for a disaster recovery strategy.

Rich media technologies (including the school's ClickView on-line video library) require far greater bandwidth than simple text and image documents, and the school's storage infrastructure was filling to capacity. The incumbent Storage Area Network (SAN) was ageing, and could only store up to 1 terabyte (TB) of data.

The school's server room also did not allow for a secondary disaster recover (DR) location. The server and storage infrastructure contained several single points of failure, ultimately compromising Kincoppal-Rose Bay's ability to deliver on its commitment to a technology-empowered learning environment.

Business driver

With a mandate to update its storage and server infrastructure to continue to provide a competitive and contemporary education for students, Kincoppal-Rose Bay's IT manager Greg Boyd enlisted the help of long time trusted advisor, Somerville Group.

An HP partner, Somerville has worked with Kincoppal-Rose Bay for more than five years, and helped stage a demonstration of HP storage and server technologies to meet the school's business needs.

The main driver for change was that the incumbent storage and server technologies could not scale up, and after comparing HP against two other vendor solutions for the new infrastructure, HP technologies were chosen for the Kincoppal-Rose Bay solution.

The HP Solution

Between March and June 2008, Somerville and HP provided Kincoppal-Rose Bay School with a new SAN and server infrastructure, complemented by a replicated Disaster Recovery environment. Somerville rebuilt the school's current server room, and 15 servers were then virtualised onto a platform of six HP servers, while one TB of storage was increased
to a capacity of six TB of storage space.

Two HP EVA 4100 storage units were used, one in the main server room, and one in the DR location situated in the school's library in a separate building. The DR link throughout the SAN now runs over a 6TB link of fibre channel to ensure speed and efficiency. One C7000 HP Blade Chassis and six
HP c-Class Blade servers were also included as part of the solution - with again, three of the server units placed in each of the two locations on the network. The HP Blade servers have the added benefit of providing greater IT power and cooling efficiency for Kincoppal.

Also replacing competitive vendor products, the software used as part of the HP solution includes: HP Data Protector software, HP Continuous Access Replication software, and HP Business Copy software.

Scalability of the solution is also ensured as the HP C7000 Chassis features plenty of scope for adding additional Blade servers. Kincoppal-Rose Bay also decided to switch and standardise to HP laptops and desktop computers to increase reliability for students and teachers, and produce cost benefits from standardising onto a single platform.

Importantly, Kincoppal-Rose Bay was able to meet its IT needs quickly and efficiently with the financial flexibility afforded by an HP Financial Services leasing solution.


In addition to business continuity and a faster back-up and storage solution, HP and Somerville have helped Kincoppal-Rose Bay achieve greater processing power, and much greater scalability for both its future storage requirements and Blade server needs. Teachers and students continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to rich media technologies and a seamless, fast education and learning experience.

Kincoppal has access to a healthy return on investment because its new infrastructure now makes it far less expensive to add new servers and storage space as needed. The school is also benefiting from a comparatively much simpler server and storage management platform and web-based interface.

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