Somerville Business Internet over Fibre

The backbone of the information superhighway, in less than 2 decades the internet has moved from being a convenience to an indispensable tool that’s even available in the palm of your hand. Quickly understanding the importance of the internet, Somerville established our own business only ISP in 1987 and have been leading the way ever since.

Originally built to support the high throughput, reliability, and support demands of the independent education sector, Somerville is now please to offer a solution tailored for small business.

  • Superfast and Reliable Internet Access for Your Business
  • 10 MB Unlimited Fibre
  • Business Grade
  • Reliable – Australia owned IT company.
  • Affordable monthly charge from $690 (includes GST)
  • Low cost setup fee from $550 (includes GST)
  • 36 month agreement
  • Service Level Agreement
Static IP Address 2
Data Unlimited
Upload & Download Speed  
Up to 10Mbps
Router Included
Service Level Agreement Business Hours
Contract Term 36 Months
Business Size Under 50 Employees

For more information on Somerville Business Internet contact 1300 209 233 or enquire below.

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