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Get more compute power within minutes combined with flexibility, scalability, and redundancy

PaaS Hosting

Remember data centres? When you needed a new server you would need to find some rack space, order the hardware, wait for it to arrive, build it and then attempt to activate that operating system license.​

​It feels like we had more time back then.​

With today’s IT demands, these sorts of delays are just not palatable and can have significant impacts on operations.​

With Somerville’s PaaS you can deploy additional compute power in minutes. All powered by tier one vendor solutions and supported by an Australian-based engineering team who are armed to the teeth with training and certifications.​

No hardware to manage, no delays and backed-up by a team of experts available to you 24/7. How much more compelling can we make it?

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Key Benefits

Scalable and flexible system capacity, scaling all resources dynamically as needed.

Get more ROI on your investment since you don't need to spend on expensive infrastructure or human resource outlay​.

Be more agile as we enable rapid development with faster and more frequent delivery of functionality.

Ready to get started?

We pride ourselves on delivering the right solution to meet your organisation’s needs and budget. Please contact us via the enquiry form so we can discuss your organisations needs and create a solution that fits your organisations requirements, now and in the future.