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Why MFA Is the Cornerstone of Your Ransomware Prevention Strategy
As society and businesses are moving gradually beyond the tectonic shifts created by the pandemic, several digital innovations define the new norm — hybrid secure work environments, digital engagement, and
A Cloud-First Strategy Demands Security Stability
Businesses across the globe are accelerating their shift to the cloud. Infrastructure is more agile and distributed in the cloud, enabling customers and hybrid workforces to access data from anywhere.
How to Put Together a Business Continuity Plan to Address the Expanding Threat Landscape
A business continuity and recovery plan was traditionally in place to get businesses and their systems up and running following natural disasters like a flood, fire, or an earthquake. Business
Q&A with Vincent Avoseh
It’s time for a sit-down with another of our Somerville stars. This time we chat with Vincent Avoseh, Lead Engineer, Network Infrastructure, in our Connect pillar. He has been with
Q&A with James Kim
James Kim may be a new face at Somerville, but he’s already making great strides as a Cloud Solution Architect in our Sydney office. Want to get to know him
5 Things I wish I’d known about security before migrating to cloud
Migration to the cloud is a very large concept and represents a significant undertaking for any organisation. The fact that, as a technology, it has been discussed at length for
Why IT could be your biggest business advantage in 2022
In 2017, when Hurricane Irma was closing in on the Florida panhandle, owners of Tesla cars were surprised to discover that the batteries that powered their vehicles suddenly had 40%
How misplaced activities and bad cloud practices are costing billions
When people search for wasteful habits in their organisation, they will often look at the moving parts. With questions like “why does this machine work like this?” and “why is