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Q&A with Nathan Kramer: Workplace demands in a post pandemic business environment

Today’s workforce demands flexibility and choice. To remain competitive and retain talent, organisations need to adapt and evolve. To achieve this, they need to foster flexible working environments with seamless connectivity and access to the right business tools and applications. However, with shrinking budgets and growing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) complexity, managing device fleets properly is an increasingly difficult task for organisations.

To help our customers we are proud to announce Somerville’s “Secure Connect GO!” Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS) Solution, the ultimate workplace management service designed to ensure remote teams get the most out of their tools regardless of where they are located.

Somerville Modern Workplace Manager, Nathan Kramer recently shared his thoughts and excitement regarding the new solution.


Q: What is the motivation behind “Secure Connect GO!”?

Nathan: As 2020 unfolded we were receiving a lot of feedback from customers regarding their changing workforce requirements, and that many or in some cases all their staff would continue to work remotely. These organisations wanted fast and secure support for these workers wherever they were.

And we wanted to make our device deployment and support more meaningful and realistic for our customers so, after some significant research and planning, “Secure Connect GO!” was born.

Q: Can you elaborate on the solution for us?

Nathan: Somerville MWaaS is an end-to-end solution that delivers a simple to adopt environment designed to minimise headaches, maximise productivity, and drive collaboration while remaining secure, without breaking the bank.

Underpinned by HP technology powered by Intel®, MWaaS gives customers end to end design, deployment, and ongoing management of their devices for a small monthly fee per user.

It offers organisations a window into the hybrid workplace with a seamless cloud experience that is safe, secure, and reliable. In the past, getting a device into users’ hands was incredibly time consuming, but not anymore.

Q: And how does it work exactly, as the name goes it suggests that there is three critical steps involved?

Nathan: It does indeed encapsulate three distinct steps.

Step 1: Secure: Starting with discovery, the Somerville team identifies the best devices for an organisation’s team incorporating secure platforms, secure SOE (Standard Operating Environment), and secure user experience before pre-imaging and configuring them ready for deployment.

Step 2: Connect: Time to deploy! Pre-imaged devices are shipped directly to where the users are, ready to connect and get to work straight out of the box.

Step 3: GO!: Organisations can work with peace of mind and focus on business optimisation and productivity knowing Somerville have device troubleshooting, ongoing management, and 24x7x365 support covered. Moreover, the internal IT team has more time to focus on strategic, business-led initiatives.

Why should organisations be looking to leverage a solution like MWaaS?

Nathan: Agility is everything in our digital world and last year proved that more than anything. With staff now dispersed across in some instances, incredible geographical distances, you want the ability to quickly service and deliver the tools they need to get work done.

When you consider the old-school, or traditional style of device configuration and deployment, organisations used to have to do everything on-premise including imaging and configuration and every time a password needed to be reset the device had to be on-premise. But with MWaaS, Somerville puts the device straight in the hands of the user including auto enrolment and once it connects to the internet it’s ready to work.

It also gives organisations a single point of contact for all things IT. While we can handle the complete management and deployment of an organisation’s devices, we also have capability to handle any other element of the IT environment.

Q: Why should an organisation choose to work with Somerville as opposed to another provider?

Nathan: In many instances when you look for these types of solutions from vendors or other providers, you don’t always talk to the same person which can cause issues around consistency, understanding of the organisation’s issues, and speed to remedy issues. With Somerville, you have a dedicated account manager that is always available to answer any questions or action something.

Additionally, Somerville has almost 40 years’ industry experience and we currently run device fleets for some of Australia’s leading organisations across mining, automotive, finance, education, and utilities industries. We have strong partnerships with leading technology vendors such as HP, Intel® and Microsoft and those relationships are complemented by our customer-first approach.

And moreover, one of the critical elements to this solution lies in the first step – secure. We really want to emphasise the importance of the security overlay because every conversation needs to start and finish with security, regardless of the industry. MWaaS gives customers two factor authentication, enterprise-level endpoint security, secure control of their apps and desktops, and it’s all wrapped around a managed service for continual monitoring and improvement.

Q: How do organisations get started on their “Secure Connect GO!” journey?

Nathan: All they have to do is reach out to us and we can get the ball rolling. Comprehensive endpoint management of this scale typically requires 4-5 dedicated staff but with Somerville MWaaS, it is all taken care of for a small monthly fee, per-user.

To start a conversation about your requirements, get in touch with our team of experts today.

Somerville Modern Workplace as a Service (MWaaS) is the ultimate workplace management service designed to ensure remote teams get the most out of their tools regardless of where they are located.