Is Hosted Hybrid IT the Key to Solving Your Aging Infrastructure Problem?

IT can be something of a Sydney Harbour Bridge project. Like the painters who daily scale towers of the iconic construction, reaching up to 134 metres above sea level to deal with the never-ending challenge of aging paintwork, the work of the IT team is never done. As one part of the underlying system is […]

Technology Selection in Education

It’s interesting to take a closer look at the selection of technology in support of a school’s curriculum and learning outcomes. Technology in education is a means to an end, not the end in itself. Technology is not a tick in a box – we’re using computers in education so that’s done. Using computers and […]

Four ways Device-as-a-Service will benefit your Organisation

Powerful personal computing devices have changed the way we work. Staff in a range of industries have reaped the benefits of increased collaboration, mobility, immediate communication, and reduced paper use. But with the proliferation of devices has come the responsibility of managing them, and that falls to IT teams, who are spending too much of […]

The Changing Role of IT Leadership

Few companies are immune to the forces of market disruptions. In the US, in 2016 the average tenure on the S&P 500 was 24 years, and it is forecast to shrink to 12 years by 2027. Innosight, a strategy and innovation consulting firm, states that market turbulence points to the need for companies to embrace […]

Moving to a Private Cloud is Easy

There are many reasons to consider moving applications to hosted private cloud. Most businesses today have become all too aware that they should expect disruptions in their industry, and competitive threats from unexpected directions. Trying to leverage IT to introduce agility and enable innovation and growth is difficult when IT is already consumed by the […]

Somerville’s Private Cloud – Transform Your Organisation

5 signs you’re ready for the private cloud Download infographic The digital transformation journey that many organisations are beginning, often start with establishing a partnership with a private cloud provider, and the migration of a substantial set of workloads to the provider’s facility. This is a first step that begins to relieve the IT organisation […]

Security Considerations in the Cloud

Security Considerations in the Cloud When cloud first entered the market, there wasn’t a huge focus or consideration on data security. Now that cloud adoption is becoming more common and with several well-publicised security incidents, it has sparked fear and concerns around data security in the cloud. Governments and legislators are also becoming more aware […]

Should You Make the Journey to the Cloud?

It’s a question many businesses are asking: should you be moving all of your IT workloads to the cloud?   Cloud means different things to different businesses, representing different opportunities and investment levels depending on the type of business and application suite you run. It is not a one-size-fits-all and it is not a foregone […]

Exposing Slow Internet Excuses: Could your Organisation Do Better?

If you asked around your office whether people would prefer to work without lights or without internet, they’d probably choose the glow of their screens. For modern, connected organisations, little can be worse than interrupted connectivity. So why do organisations accept slow speeds and service interruptions?

Where to Start with IT Security

Where to Start with IT Security When a new technology involves a significant culture shift, there will always be some unease. The cloud is no exception. Is it secure? How can we control it? The arrival of cloud technology has resulted in such enormous, mystifying change that it has even been immortalised in film1, with […]