Preparing to Succeed In an Uncertain Future

When it comes to business, planning is everything. No matter how great your idea, how skilled your people, and how ripe your market, rushing in without consideration is unwise. Digital technology is throwing a spanner in the wheel of traditional business practice, though. The speed of change and magnitude of market disruption have left many […]

Keep It Hidden, Keep It Safe

There is no doubt that IT security has, and will continue to have, an ever-increasing number of challenges to face.  However, like in the physical world, security measures are generally regarded as an inconvenience by those they are designed to protect.  So how do you keep the organisation safe in the modern world without being […]

Cloud: The Future Is Clear

Cloud – the future is clear Cloud computing has already irreversibly changed IT, but its real impact is still to come. Those that are still thinking that it is just another IT fad had better think again or be left behind.  The underlying benefits and economics of cloud computing are driving its adoption and these […]