Careers Welcome to Somerville Somerville is a leading Hybrid IT, Private Cloud and Connectivity Services Provider in Australia, delivering almost 40 years of exceptional expertise, service and value to our customers. Our passion is to help our customers transform their organisations to innovate and grow through IT. As one of the most experienced multi-cloud Australian […]

5 Things I wish I’d known about security before migrating to cloud

Migration to the cloud is a very large concept and represents a significant undertaking for any organisation. The fact that, as a technology, it has been discussed at length for a few years doesn’t mean it’s a given that everyone must do it or that there is only one way to do it. Here are […]

Why IT could be your biggest business advantage in 2022

In 2017, when Hurricane Irma was closing in on the Florida panhandle, owners of Tesla cars were surprised to discover that the batteries that powered their vehicles suddenly had 40% more range than normal, which proved to be extremely useful for escaping the storm. The unexpected boost in power was thanks to an upgrade feature […]

How misplaced activities and bad cloud practices are costing billions

When people search for wasteful habits in their organisation, they will often look at the moving parts. With questions like “why does this machine work like this?” and “why is this person moving this box from over here to over there?” and “why are these meetings taking so long?” it seems that waste happens when […]

National Network V5

Connect National Network v5 Powered by Cisco Home About The quality of the digital infrastructure you rely on is the foundation to any successful organisation.​ ​We understand that selecting the right IT services partner is never easy when you have ever changing and complex needs. However, one thing remains constant; the investment the partner has made in […]


Whitepapers A New Network for a New Normal The disruption of the pandemic has forever changed the way people work. Workforces are now distributed across cities and beyond, putting new pressures on longestablished network architectures designed for a  Read More


FAQs Common Hardware Questions What hardware products do Somerville supply? We supply almost everything from Laptops, Desktops and Accessories to networking equipment as well as AV equipment. Are you an authorised Apple reseller? We are authorized to sell iPads, Macbooks and Apple accessories except for iPhones. Are you an authorised Microsoft Surface reseller? Yes What […]

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A New Network for a New Era Somerville and business nbn™ are partnering to build robust networks, combining Enterprise Ethernet with purpose-built, full-service IT solutions. Secure your future with business-grade fibre and SLAs to help your business evolve in an ever-changing world. A next-generation workplace ready for tomorrow, today A lot has changed in the […]