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Rest assured that your boundary security is no longer your biggest risk


​Boundary devices and in particular, firewalls are an essential component of any network defence providing essential services such as web-filtering, VPN access and anti-malware capabilities.​

But did you know that a firewall is only as good as its configuration? Without regular patching, configuration reviews and tuning, your firewall could have more holes than Swiss cheese.​

Somerville’s engineers are specialists in firewall management, with almost 40 years’ of experience and certifications under our belt. With direct 24/7 access to our Australian-based support centre, you get all the benefits of a managed service and complete visibility, while controlling costs using our pay-as-you-go model.​

So why waste your time with training courses and vulnerability notifications? Let our specialists do what specialists do best; and rest assured that your boundary security is no longer your biggest risk.

IT Security Services | Somerville Australia

Key Benefits

Proactively detect threats and protect sensitive data.

Our 24/7 team monitors performance to quickly detect and resolve any issues.

Control costs and scale accordingly using our pay-as-you-go model.

Ready to get started?

We pride ourselves on delivering the right solution to meet your organisation’s needs and budget. Please contact us via the enquiry form so we can discuss your organisations needs and create a solution that fits your organisations requirements, now and in the future.